Yugoturbina – Planning and development of new jobs

The development of Yugoturbina in 1973 and further, which we previously wrote about, is essentially related to its strategic orientation towards the world market. This is best illustrated by the fact that the share of exports in total revenue in 1979 was only 5%, in 1980 11%, and in 1985 44%.

In 1985, the ratio of convertible exports to imports was achieved with an index of 225. Thus, convertible exports are almost 2.3 times higher than convertible imports.

Thus, an active exporter was finally realized. In the economic conditions, that was a great achievement and an excellent positioning for new ambitious jobs and development plans.

All other qualitative growth indicators show above-average tendencies in that period. “Yugoturbina” was connected with numerous companies through organization in communities for joint performance on the domestic and foreign markets in complex facilities and towards the state to ensure favorable business conditions and performance of investment equipment manufacturers such as INGRA, JADRANBROD, DUNAVBROD, ZINVOJ, JUMEL…