Volkswagen Agrees to a 15-Billion-Dollar Settlement

In America, the German automobile company Volkswagen agreed to pay 10 billion dollars for the buyback of the models with a device for falsifying the results of pollutant emission, as well for compensation to their buyers. It will also pay 2.7 billion to federal and Californian regulators for financing the projects of pollution reduction and 2 billion for investments into clean technology. In addition, it has announced the payment of 603 million dollars for buyers’ and environmental claims in 44 federal states.
The 15.3-billion-dollar settlement for the removal of 500 thousand diesel vehicles with fake data on pollutant emissions from American roads represents a record in the automobile manufacturing industry, and the damage to the finances and reputation of the automobile giant could become even greater following the lawsuits and claims in at least 5 more American federal states, Germany and South Korea.