The world’s largest battery will power Los Angeles

A battery that can deliver 100 megawatts per hour, and thus work for four hours, will replace the peaker, a natural gas-fired power plant that has so far supplied electricity in the afternoon and summer hours to meet the daily peak needs of Los Angeles. . In the evening, the battery will be charged by wind farms and during the day by cheap solar energy. California’s policy is for utilities to start building energy storage capacity, use renewable energy sources and reduce emissions by 80% by 2050. AES Corporation has spent 9 years working with battery manufacturers for electric cars and the technology is mature . The battery will be developed at a factory in Long Beach and when it is finished it will have 18,000 battery modules. The United Kingdom, the state of New York (USA), Chile, and many other countries are ready to invest in energy storage systems that come from alternative sources (“green energy”).