Spare parts

Adriadiesel d.d., the legal successor of the former Jugoturbina Diesel Engine Factory, continues the tradition of producing diesel engines, spare parts and other energy equipment based on cooperation with the world’s leading manufacturers.


Spare parts

 Adriadiesel d.d. manufactures spare parts for all types of diesel engines that it has in the production program under the license of MAN Diesel SE
 Adriadiesel d.d. manufactures spare and replacement parts for engines manufactured under Sulzer’s license since 1955

Since its founding in 1949 until today – in more than 50 years of existence – a total of 1581 four-stroke diesel engines with more than 2,000,000 hp have been produced under the SULZER license (later NEW SULZER DIESEL) of the following types:

SULZER spare parts:

T motors
TD / TAD / TW / TAW 24
TD / TAD /TG / TAG /TF / TAF 36
TAD / TG / TAG / /TF / TAF 48
R motors
RD 44
RD 56
B motors
BH / BAH / BF / BAF 22
Z motors
ZL / ZV 40/48
ZAL / ZAV 40/48 S
A motors
AL 20 / 24
AH / AF / AR / AL 25 / 30
ASL / ASV 25 / 30
S motors
S 20
S 20 U
The engines are shipped to over 50 countries worldwide.
Since 1998, no new constructions have been made under the Sulzer license, but the production of spare parts for all the above types of diesel engines continues, as well as overhauls and services.
All parts are ordered according to the Code book according to the Code number with which all parts are marked.
For all delivered spare parts we provide the manufacturer’s certificate.