German container company Hapag-Lloyd will survive the COVID-19 crisis without state aid. Many large companies in Germany have sought financial help, but Hapag-Lloyd believes he does not need any financial support. There are problems negligible.

“We will not seek government support as long as we are convinced that we can survive on our own through this crisis.” -a spokesman for Hapag-Lloyd.

All investments such as the purchase of new cargo ships have been postponed. Hapag-Lloyd currently operates a fleet of 248 ships.


Several containers have recently left Croatia for Vietnam full engines and equipment to equip the engine room of a boutique cruiser. Croatia the company Cummis Adriatic was selected for this project, and in a big way competition among world bidders. Many projects are currently underway, a team of Croatian designers from the Trogir company Yacht Design received an interesting project – a luxury cruiser that should sail in  fleet of Emerald Waterways. A superyacht with a capacity of 100 passengers should start operating in 2021.


By the end of the year, the EU plans to announce 4 innovation tenders worth as much as 1.5 billion kuna.

More attached: EU funds for innovation and development

-ABC announces new engine delivery arrangements

Anglo Belgian Corp. (ABC) has announced a couple of engine deals at the fair InnoTrans in Berlin. ABC has signed a contract with Skinest Rail for delivery of 40 medium speed DZC engines for modernization of TE10 locomotives for the main line of Metinvest Holding in Ukraine. ABC also signed agreement with Ukrainian Nikolaev Locomotive Rebuilder LLC for delivery 6DZC engine. This medium-speed diesel engine will be used for repower TEM7 diesel-electric transmission locomotive from ArcelorMittal u Ukraine. The ABC 6DZC engine, replacing the existing V12 engine, generates more power (up to 2000 hp or 1470 kW), while offering significantly less fuel and lubricating oil consumption and lower emissions, she said

-General General Meeting of Shareholders 2018

We invite all shareholders to the General Assembly which will be held on July 17, 2018. at 12:00 on the premises of the Society

-Damen released the first approved 3D printed propeller

‘Dutch Damen Shipyards Group’ has released and presented its 3D printed propeller WAAMpeller. The propeller has gone through very demanding tests confirmed by Bureau Veritas. The project was created by the collaboration of RAMLAB, Promarin, Autodesk, Bureau Veritas and Damen.

The prototype is printed in 298 layers and is very effective and will be part of the project for Stan Tegljač 1606 boats.

-MSC Cruises bought MSC Seaside

MSC Cruises purchased MSC Seaside from Fincantieri. The ship is 323 meters long, 41 meters wide and can carry 5,179 passengers. Fincantieri will also construct the MSC Seaview to be delivered to the owner in mid-2018.

The MSC Seaside is the largest ship constructed in Italy.

-d’Amico sells an MR tanker

D’Amico Tankers has signed a 2005 contract to sell the tanker. It is the tanker MT High Presence, which was constructed at the Imabari Shipbuilding. The vessel will be sold for $ 14 million.

-Navios Containers took over the first Panamax

Navios Containers took over the first Panamax. The Panamax APL Denver is part of a contract selling 4 Panamax carriers for $ 96.8 million to be delivered to the new owner in mid-December.

Navios Containers will operate a fleet of 20 vessels.

– The euro sold the tanker Artois

Euronav has decided to sell its oldest tanker Artois. The tanker was sold for $ 22 million and will be delivered to the new owner in early December.

Euronav currently operates a fleet of 55 vessels.

-Kea Trader broke into two parts

On November 12, on the Durand Reef, the container ship Kea Trader broke in two. A critical fracture and strong waves resulted in the sinking of both parts of the vessel. The situation is being monitored by two tugs with the help of specialists in solving pollution problems.

-Teekay Tankers sells two Aframax tankers

Teekay Tankers decided to sell two 1999-Aframax takers for $ 12.7 million. One Aframax has already been delivered to the new owner while the other will be delivered at the end of November 2017.

-Carnival Horizon passed the exams on the Adriatic Sea

133,500 tons heavy Carnival Horizon recently passed the exams on the Adriatic Sea and in 2018 will go to the North. America. Carnival Horizon is the newest ship in the fleet that can carry more than 6,400 passengers.

A large number of editors, engineers and technicians conducted a rigorous examination of the ship’s system.

-Scorpio buys 4 carriers

Scorpio Bulkers has signed 2 contracts in which it buys one Kamsarmax and 3 Ultramax. According to the information, the ships will be bought for $ 90 million, but 77 million paid in cash. All Ultramax ships are constructed at the Chengxi shipyard in China.

-Pirates attacked a tanker in Nigeria

On November 1, pirates attacked a tanker that managed to escape and report the attack. The crew of the tanker secured all access to the vessel and retreated to the fort. The Navy soon arrived at the scene of the attack and drove away the pirates.
The attack came 10 days after the abduction of crew members of the Panamax Demeter.

-MOL and COSCO confirm ownership of Yamal LNG carriers

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) and COSCO Shipping have confirmed ownership of Yamal LNG carriers. The carriers will be part of the Yamal LNG project, but no further information is available. By 2020, COSCO and MOL will own 17 vessels.

-GoodBulk plans to buy 13 carriers

GoodBulk Ltd has signed a contract in which it buys 7 to 13 carriers from CarVal Investors. GoodBulk will pay $ 10.5 million for 7 carriers to be delivered to the owner in late 2017 and early 2018.

GoodBulk has accepted the option to buy an additional 6 boats.

-Korea Lines orders two carriers

Korea Lines Corporation has ordered two carriers for which it will pay $ 164 million. According to Yonhap, Hyundai Heavy Industries will construct two vessels to be delivered to the owner in 2020.

-Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding Group delivered to Pan Asiu carrier

Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding Group has delivered LNG carrier Pan Asiu to new owner China National Offshore Oil Corporation. The Pan America, Pan Europe and Pan Africa ships are under construction and will be completed in 2018 and 2019.

– The tanker anchor caught an old test torpedo

The tanker anchored the old inactive device and towed it all the way to Portland. Members of the Royal Navy started the operation of evacuating the crew members and separating the torpedoes. The torpedo was found in a badly damaged and eroded condition and dates from the 1980s.

– Medical evacuation of tanker crew member initiated

A member of the crew of the tanker Bochem Oslo from Panama was transported by helicopter after a request for medical assistance. The 39-year-old crew member suffered from severe chest pain. The tanker was anchored 10 nautical miles from the port of Durban.

– The carrier ran aground in New Brunswick

The carrier of the SBI Carioca Transportation Safety Board ran aground in New Brunswick on 12 October. The vessel hit the shallows, but there was no breakthrough of the hull or environmental pollution. The SBI Carioca sailed from Norfolk to Belledune.

-Clipper Group sells 16 boats

Clipper Group has decided to sell 16 boats as part of a financing agreement. Also on sale were 4 multi-purpose ships that will continue to be under commercial and technical control.

-Franbo Lines bought Supramax

Franbo Lines bought Supramax from Taiwan Navigation. The ship will be delivered in late 2017, and Franbo Lines will pay $ 8.55 million. The unnamed Supramax is 15 years old and is the largest ship in the fleet.

-TI Europe underwent an upgrade

The TI Europe tanker owned by Euronav NV underwent works and upgrades in Shenzhen, China. The tanker was constructed in 2002 and is one of the unaltered (unconverted) vessels.

-Berge Bulk bought Berge Toubkal

Berge Bulk bought the cargo ship Berge Toubkal, which was delivered in September. The newly designed boat has a powerful and optimized engine that consumes a small amount of fuel. Berge Toubkal is 300 meters long and 49 meters wide and is the 54th carrier in Berge Bulk’s fleet.

-Petredec adds two new trucks to the fleet

Petredec said it will expand its fleet with two new VLGC trucks. The vessels will be constructed at the Chinese shipyard Jiangnan and delivered to the owner in 2019. Petredec currently operates a fleet of 21 trucks.

-Fincantieri will build a cruiser in 2018

Fincantieri plans to construct a new cruiser in Australia. Construction will begin in 2018. Fincantieri, along with new partner BlueScope Steel, will build blocks of boats using new methods and tools. Water training activities to start production of the future frigate from 2020.