New MAN engines ordered at the Grand Cayman power plant

Diesel and Turbo MAN engines have been commissioned for the Caribbean energy sector as part of a further joint business with Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor A / S (BWSC) and Carribean Utilities Company (CUC), the business will be efficient and long-term. The engines work great, the 7 MAN engines deliver almost 90 MW of power, and the Carribean Utilities Company (CUC) is the only one that provides power to most Grand Caymans. The power plant will help CUC increase energy in the future. As the works unfold, Walter Offner, Project Execution Manager MAN Diesel & Turbo stated “We are happy to be a part of this project. Our company has a long-term relationship with CUC and BWSC, which we bring with our efficient Diesel engines through several phases of our expansion. ” Vice President of Operations & Engineering David Watler praised MAN’s current project and expressed his satisfaction with the operation of the Diesel and Turbo engines and the completion of the new 40MW power plant, which is already the sixth power plant completed at CUC with MAN Diesel and Turbo engines. “By using the latest generation of technology, we can provide our customers with higher energy rates among services within the Caribbean.” The ribbon-cutting ceremony was held in Engine Room 6, where the new MAN engines were installed. Among several speakers, was Walter Offner who praised the persistent and hard work as well
partnership between different companies in the project. The Grand Cayman power plant marked a reference for MAN’s 48/60 engine in the Caribbean.