Mavrik Marine – The first work boat with a new MAN engine

The latest in the 6-cylinder engine generation is the D2676 LE433 MAN, also the first to launch new production and sales. The first MAN D2676 engine will soon go to Alaska to drive and hunt for salmon. The ship will start its work in late autumn, which will have a new hull design and a powerful D2676 engine through which it will be possible to reach a speed of 30 knots. The LT32 design of the ship has been improved so that it can pass through thick waves more easily, a ship weighing 1,200 kg that is 105 kilos lighter than its ancestor. The first LT32 was made for George Dauber who worked as a fisherman for 35 years. Its reasons for choosing this boat and engine are lower fuel consumption and less engine noise. “I’m personally at a profit, mostly financially, and I have more comfort on board,” says George Dauber. Engineers at MAN’s production center have been able to achieve low fuel consumption and reduced vibration in operation. The D2676 engine has already been tested on hundreds of different vehicles in thousands of attempts and will take the place of its ancestors D2866 and D2876.