MAN’s First D2676 Engine for Working Ships Ready for Use in Salmon Hunting

In December last year, the MAN company presented the last generation of serial six-cylinder engines for working ships. The first engine produced, MAN D2676 LE443, with a capacity of 537 kW (730 HP) at 2300 revolutions per minute, and a cylinder capacity of 12.4 l is intended for use on a new ship for salmon hunting, the LT32 Gilnetter built in the Mavrik Marine shipyard in the state of Washington. The new design of the LT32 ship is adapted for navigation in the shallow waters of the Bristol Bay in Alaska, an advantage in which is ensured by the weight of the D2676 engine, whose dry mass is 1200 kg, that is, 105 kg less than that of the older type, MAN D2876, while its other key advantages include low fuel consumption and quiet operation. The first voyage of the ship is scheduled for late autumn this year.