MAN diesel engines and Karpowership renew the partnership

Part of the energy group Karadeniz Holding, in Turkey, Karpowership has announced the delivery of 12 MAN 18V 51/60 diesel engines with a capacity of 18.9 MW per engine. The engines will be used for the purpose of transporters such as trucks, ships, tankers and have been changed to “floating” power plants, under their name “Powerships”. Up to 6 engines should be delivered this year. The engines will be used on a variety of ships that will most likely use natural gas or stronger fuel, Alexander Stöckler said. Karpowership says that it is the only company that operates with the entire fleet of “powerships” – the active fleet has 9 ships, and they offer a power range between 30 and 470MW. The new boats have MAN engines and will be used worldwide. Two ships that have MAN engines are currently being used in Lebanon to stabilize the amount of energy in the capital.

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