MAN Adds Three New Engines to its Programme

MAN Diesel & Turbo has added three new engines to its large-bore engine programme that are aimed at, among other types, ultra large container vessels (ULCVs) and container feeder ships. The Mk 10 are weight optimised, compared to their Mk 9 counterparts, and form the new design platform for a new Mk 10 engine portfolio. Key to the new platform is the development of the top controlled exhaust valve (TCEV) and fuel booster injection valve (FBIV) components. The MAN B&W G90ME-C10 type, MAN B&W S60ME-C10 type and MAN B&W S70ME-C10 type units are a new generation of engines that ultimately will involve the upgrading of all S type and G type engines to the Mk 10 platform. The Mk 10 platform is based on a much more mass optimised design platform that results in lighter engines with reduced overall length, width and height.