Leclanché and Narada Power signed a strategic agreement

Leclanche, the leading vertically integrated energy storage solution company, and Narada Power, the leading global battery manufacturer, announced today a strategic partnership for the manufacturing and development of lithium-ion battery technology for the Chinese and global markets. As part of the alliance, Narada will manufacture both G-NMC and LTO batteries, to complement manufacturing at Leclanché’s Willstätt, Germany and Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland sites. The opening of a new 2.5 GWh fabrication facility in Hangzhou, China, is planned for 2017. Leclanché will support Narada with technology transfer to achieve low-cost, scale manufacturing of Leclanché’s proprietary high-cycling and fast-charging lithium titanate (LTO) and high energy density graphite nickel manganese cobalt (G-NMC) battery storage technologies.