“Investments of Jugoturbina (from 1973 onwards)”

In the period from 1973 to 1992, the following investment programs were implemented:
– The pump factory started operating in the new production hall
– Organized production of dedicated production elements in the newly built Gas Turbine Factory
– A new modern restaurant was built (1600m2)
– A new production hall was built in which the production of sliding bearings was organized (4500m2)
– New hot water system with new heating stations and completely reconstructed central heating system in the existing production areas
– A new sewerage network for rainwater and faecal water was built, designed and constructed to connect to the new southern city collector
– The electric high voltage network has been completely reconstructed
– Fuel oil tank (500m3) built for the needs of the Rolling Mill
– New roads, fences, bus stops and stops were built, the railway was reconstructed
– In cooperation with the Municipality, a new bridge over the river Mrežnica was built, an important condition for this development of the southern industrial zone
– Equipped large storage space for the needs of trade in Turanj