Green Marine Engines Project Launched This Year in Sweden

The goal of the GreenPilot project is to demonstrate the benefits of methanol, which could be used for commercial purposes, as marine fuel, as well as in recreational boats. The scientific and technological project goals are to demonstrate that this fuel can match the other types in terms of power usability, as well as to show its positive impact on the environment. The project was initiated by the state authority called the Swedish Maritime Administration and the Methanol Institute organisation, as a part of the SUMMETH (Sustainable Marine Methanol) programme, with the plan of testing three pilot ships with engines of a 450 kW capacity in the course of the next year. An overview of the interests of global methanol producers for marine fuel was presented at a conference held in mid-June. The Stena Lines company has so far received six international awards for the operation and conversion of the Stena Germanica ferry, with three out of a total of four Wartsila engines powered by methanol, whereas the modification of the fourth one is planned in September this year. The modifications and the use of methanol as the primary fuel will reduce the emissions of sulphur by 99 %, nitrogen oxide by 60 %, fine particles by 95 % and CO2 by 25 %.