Development of foreign trade function

In the early 1970s, Yugoturbina had major known financial and development difficulties. We will list the most important ones:
– Technologically complex production and unfinished investment to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets.
– Impossibility of obtaining permanent working capital for the production of materials of appropriate quality and deadlines.
– Lack of long-term loans from commercial banks to lend to its customers.
– Constant shortage of foreign currency for the necessary procurement of imported materials and parts.
– Underdeveloped production of parts and materials from domestic industry.
– Underdeveloped sale of their products, processing of foreign markets, export and import.

Establishes development policy in the following directions:
– Organizes offer bureaus that process offers for the placement of engine and pump turbines with production.
– Develops export and import business functions.
– Organizes financing of operations with banks and funds.
– Develops programs of new products and components and provides funds for construction.
– Niederlasung was founded and it opened service works in Germany.
– Provides construction sites, projects and leads the organization of construction and supervision.