Desktop 3D Printers Offer Much more than the Production of Prototypes

There is a widespread belief that desktop 3D printers are suitable only for prototyping, whereas for “serious” three-dimensional printing you need big investments. However, if you choose the most appropriate printer for your project, you will quickly see the countless application possibilities of desktop 3D printing with clear resource benefits. The retailer Creat3D specializes in this, with clients who use its printers for the production of tools, fixing kit, moulds, casings for delicate technology and much more. Some 3D printers can generate greater power to weight ratio than aluminium. The best example is the new 3D printer Mark Two Composite by the manufacturer MarkForged, which achieves great results by mixing nylon as a base material with the possibility of adding Kevlar, fibreglass or carbon fibre for enhanced functionality. A chain link printed on the Mark One with reinforced Carbon Fibre, created by the Olin College of Engineering, supported approximately 10 tonnes before failing, at a cost less than £20.