“For 2007, we signed a contract with MiD 3. Maj delivery of components for main engines Sulzer 7RTA – 48T-B for a total of 6 constructions. Delivery will be made successively from April to December 2007. With MiD 3. May, negotiations on the offer for making components for a new engine in their production program, RTA-50 flex with direct by common rail.”

Internal newspaper “Adriadiesel” (2007.)

“A contract has been signed with the company Koridor, which represents the company Electrodynamics from Moscow, and related to the assessment of the condition engine 12 ZV 40/48 in NPP Kurskaya and NPP Smolenskaya. Execution of works is in progress. For Atomtechnoprom, we supervise the commissioning 12 ZV 40/48 in NPP Novovoronezh. “

Internal newspaper “Adriadiesel” (2010)

“Accident happened in mid-September 2007. at the Temelin nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic, engine failure 12ZV 40/48, which is otherwise delivered from the Polish manufacturer Zgode.
The Czech side contacted Adriadiesel in terms of need, ie the possibility of urgent delivery of a new engine. In agreement with our Russian partner, the owner of the 6th engine
12ZV 40/48, which is in the process of revitalization in our country, we offered im the same. In this regard, the Czech delegation visited our factory and she became acquainted with the subject engine. At the same time, our technical team consists of I. Janković, Đ. Belobaba and Z. Tomičić visited NPP Temelin and inspected the damaged engine, and harmonized technical details about possible work.”

“Internal newspaper Adriadiesel” (2007.)

In 2010, we started the project of revitalization of six Zgoda-Sulzer 6ZL40 / 48 diesel engines for the new 3rd and 4th units of the Mochovce nuclear power plant in Slovakia. During the second half of 2010 and the first half of 2011, the engines were completely revitalized at the Adriadiesel plants and shipped back to the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant.

Due to market demands and the development of the production company, Adriadiesel must continue to develop its product in step with the times, so a new version of its own engine called “Adria 40S” has arrived, which has been improved in terms of power and fuel consumption. and various standards created during the new product development period.

Adriadiesel manufactures its own auxiliary engine under its own license and design. The name of this engine is “Adria 40”. In addition to production, it also sells spare parts and service services on its own engines. Adria 40 meets all the necessary standards and so far has proven to be a product you can rely on.

On this day back in 1988, the company Jugoturbina delivered one of its engines under the designation 12 ZV 40/48 for the needs of the customer “Atomenergoexport Moscow”. The company still exists today under the name Adriadiesl and continues to be successfully engaged in the production of auxiliary engines.

After the production of the first SULZER 12 ZV 40/48 engine in 1976, production started on an upward trajectory, and by the end of 1977, two more SULZER auxiliary engines with the designation 12 ZV 40/48 were produced. Production under the SULZER license has continued for many years and Adriadiesel is still one of the leading suppliers of spare parts for engine repairs.

Back in 1976, the first auxiliary engine under the SULZER license with the designation 12 ZV 40/48 was produced in Croatia, more precisely in the city on four rivers Karlovac, and in Karlovac there is still a company named Adriadiesel which is in charge of maintenance and supply of spare parts of that engine as well as all manufactured after it.

“The Edvard Kardelj factory from Karlovac produces seven-horsepower DMT diesel engines outside its production program. Agricultural and fishing cooperatives have a 40 percent discount on the sale price.”
“Vijesnik”, May 30, 1952.