Brodotrogir is looking for and hiring workers due to the increased scope of work

In addition to Novogradnja 326, which is being built for Brodotrogir’s own company Trogir Maritime, eight other different facilities have been registered. The total value of the orders is over $ 200 million. In addition to employing 60 workers with deficient occupations, persons who do not have the required orientation are given the opportunity to retrain within the Institution for Adult Education “Brodotrogir”. Brodotrogir is looking for ten welders each (REL or MIG / MAG or TIG), ship electricians, ship fitters, locksmiths, ship pipe fitters and grinders. The vacancies are published on the website of the Croatian Employment Service.
It is very important to point out that additional education in the Institution provides people with the opportunity to acquire additional knowledge and skills, and at the same time the value of employees in the market increases.
Adriadiesel closely cooperates with Brodotrogir and provides overhaul and service services on the main and auxiliary engines on ships that are in service at the Trogir Shipyard.