Antonov had an accident at the Pleso airport and postponed his flight

One month before the agreed deadline, the service of the diesel engine from the Smolensk nuclear power plant in Russia was completed in Karlovac. It is a spare engine that was produced in Karlovac 40 years ago, and was delivered for regular service this summer.

However, due to a closure accident, the Antonov 124-100 aircraft that came to pick him up did not take off for Russia today. Just before takeoff, the landing gear broke. Takeoff was delayed until the malfunction was repaired.

After three months in the Karlovac service, the 84-ton diesel engine left the Adriadiesel plant last night. This is, says member of the Management Board of Adriadiesel Boris Tolić – a very extensive job in which all parts of the company are involved, from engineering, procurement, controlling, assembly and machining. The Karlovac company is one of the seven in the world that produce such engines. They have agreed deals worth about 70 million euros for the next few years.

And when it all seemed over, an accident happened when the plane closed. The landing gear of one of the largest aircraft in the world cracked. Although our company performed the service before the planned deadline, it seems that the engine will not reach the final destination, the Russian nuclear power plant, so quickly.