Antonov flew from Croatia: He carries a nuclear engine to Russia

One of the world’s largest Antonov 124-100 aircraft, an 84-tonne diesel engine manufactured and overhauled in Karlovac’s Adriadiesel, was shipped from Zagreb on Sunday and will be returned to the Smolensk nuclear power plant.

The engine was delivered to Croatia in August with the same type of aircraft.

Adriadiesel is a manufacturer of this type of motor, which is used to produce electricity in the event of a breakdown and power outage in nuclear power plants. These are four-stroke, medium-speed diesel V engines with 6,600 kW rotating pistons at 600 rpm.

Such generator engines were the last to shut down after the 1984 Chernobyl reactor explosion. They got involved and worked for a few days and then stopped due to a fuel outage.

Adriadiesel board member Tomislav Varga told Hina that the company, with 150 employees, repairs and services emergency engines, producing parts for ADRIA 40 engines, and that it started producing earlier models in the 1970s inside Jugoturbina, and now 50 mainly in Russia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Adriadiesel is also developing diesel generator sets for new markets for data centers, hospitals, kindergartens and hotels, and intends to include both military and government centers.