A positive story of four young metal workers

Josip, Matija, Marko and Dominik, after graduating from the Crafts and Technical School in Ogulin, received the title of metal workers. At school, they heard about the possibility of training in Adridiesel and applied, and in three weeks they had mastered the basics of metal working skills. In Brodotrogir, they are enabled to work in the profession under the supervision of a mentor. The guys are very happy with their new job so we are transmitting their statements.
“I would advise anyone who wants to grow up and become independent on time to do the same as me. I was given the opportunity to find a job, and to start earning my own bread right after high school. I no longer have to ask my mom to give me a penny to go out or buy a piece of clothing, and for me it is an invaluable feeling not to be a burden to her. Working in the profession fully meets my expectations, and I will get used to life in Dalmatia for some time to come “- eighteen-year-old Dominik.
“A magnificent sight opened before me, a ship of enormous dimensions that I have never had the opportunity to see in my life, and now I am working on it. At first I was afraid to climb the ladder to such a height, but now I got used to it. We are not yet completely sure of our skills, but considering the older colleagues who follow and train us, I hope that we will quickly overcome our personal fears and indulge in work to the fullest “- said Josip.