A 2016 report on the global and Chinese marine diesel industry is available.

In 2015, the size of the global marine diesel engine market was 33.43 million kilowatts, an increase of 10.2% over the previous year. Global production of marine diesel engines is largely concentrated in China, Japan and South Korea. South Korea mainly produced low-speed diesel engines, while China and Japan focused primarily on medium-speed engines.
In 2015, aided by the growth of vessel production, shipboard diesel engine production in China increased by 15.1% to 16.99 million kilowatts, of which 41.2% were low-speed, 40.1% medium-speed and 18.7% high-speed marine engines.
In China, most marine diesel engines are manufactured under patent licenses. The low-speed engine area is dominated by MAN, Wärtsilä and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries; in the mid-range, Wärtsilä, MAN and Caterpillar had a combined market share of 82%, while the high-speed brands primarily include MTU, Deutz, MWM, SACM, Pielstick, Ruston and Paxman.
The Chinese marine diesel engine market is quite young and underdeveloped in terms of production technology and research and development capacity. As a result, most high-tech motor products remain dependent on imports. In 2015, China imported $ 1.07 billion marine diesel engines and exported $ 94.95 million, with a deficit of as much as $ 970 million.
In the Chinese low-speed engine market, Hudong Heavy Machinery, Dalian Marine Diesel and Yichang Marine Diesel Engine had a share of approximately 95.9%, in the medium-speed diesel engine market Weichai Heavy Machinery and CSSC Marine Power had a share of 58.9%, while are among the manufacturers of high-speed diesel engines primarily Weichai Heavy Machinery, Shaanxi Diesel Engine Heavy Industry and Henan Diesel Engine Industry, of which Weichai Heavy Machinery has a market share of approximately 26%.

To improve competitiveness in the marine diesel engine market, major Chinese manufacturers are working on developing new products.
ReportBuyer’s market research report highlights the following areas:
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